Travel from Guangzhou Airport to Hong Kong

There is no direct bus or train from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Hong Kong, all the bus to Hong kong are at city and the train to Hong Kong at Guangzhou East Railway station. If you arrive at the airport very late and you can find a taxi to Shenzhen, but cost is more than hotel. So you’d better stay in Pullman Hotel (US$100) in airport or take a taxi into Guangzhou city for 120 Yuan, stay in hotel, and make your way to train next morning. Cheaper and easier, what’s more it will safe.( Reliable taxis at Guangzhou Airport )

If you want to take the Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train to Hong Kong, you need to take a taxi or metro from Guangzhou airport to the Guangzhou East Railway Station (Taxi about 100-120 Yuan , during daytime working hours,40 minutes, Metro , 7 Yuan , about 30 minutes) ,the last express train is at 21:32 to Hung Hum. ( How to Get to Guangzhou East Railway Station from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

If you miss the last Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train at Hung Hom that may be a good choice for you take a take the Hong Kong MTR train to Lowu station then take the train from the Lowu train station to Guangzhou East Railway Station .You can choose another way to Hong Kong, take the train at Guangzhou Easy railway Station to Lowu, about 1 hour, The last train is 23:02, one hour to Shenzhen , After clearing customs and immigration, arrive at Hong Kong ,take metro at Lowu or taxi to your destination in Hong Kong .  (The last train to Shenzhen Lowu is at 23:02 Travel between Guangzhou and Hong Kong )

If you want to take a bus from Guangzhou to Hong Hong, take a metro or taxi from Guangzhou airport to China hotel, you can take a bus from China hotel to Hong Kong.

Tip: There are about 6 border crossings between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Some close at 10 pm or so. Some close at midnight. Only the Huanggang Border is open 24×7. Once you cross the border, get to Lok Ma Chau (Hong Kong side), you can get another taxi to go to your destination

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  1. Hello my husband and I arrive at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport from Australia on October 4 at 4.40pm and need to get to Kowloon Hong Kong that evening what is the best way to get there?

    thank you

    • Hello there

        1: you can take a train from Guangzhou East Railway Station to Hung Hom which at Kowloon , after you arrive at Hung Hom you can take a taxi or metro to your hotel in HK , you can take a taxi or metro to Guangzhou East Railway Station , Taxi about 100-120 Yuan , during daytime working hours,40 minutes, Metro Line 3 and get off at Guangzhou East Railway Station , 7 Yuan , about 30 minutes the last express train is at 21:32 to Hung Hum ,so it is enough time for you to go to HK from GZ East Railway Station. (maybe that way is convenient for you because you don’t need to wait a long time at the Immigration to check your passport, I thought you will be tire after the long trip to gz then to HK ) ,in cast you was late at GZ East Railway station and miss the train , you can take a train from GZ east Railway to Luohu, Shenzhen , after Immigration then take metro or bus to your hotel .

      2: you can take a bus from GZ to HK, first you need to take a taxi or metro Line 2 to China Hotel (metro: Yuexiu Park Metro Station) , you can choose the stop which close your hotel .

      • Thank you Victor 

        so how long will it take to get to Hong Kong 

        • Bus from GZ to Hk , it will be about 3 hours , or maybe 3.5 hours, depend on how long you will wait at the Immigration.

          Train from GZ east railway Station to Hung Hum station( Kowloon )is about 2 hours.

          You can feel free ask any questions if you want. 

  2. Hi Victor our plane. Has been delayed so we don't get into Guagzhou u til 23:10 so how do you suggest we get to Kowloon Hong Kong?


    thank you Mira 

    • I think it will be a problem , after you the immigration , maybe it will be about 11:40-11:50 , not metro to the city , and all the train and bus  to HK or Shenzhen are close . So you’d better stay one night in Guangzhou , then go to HK the next early morning, or maybe you can stay 6 hours at the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. then you can take metro to the Guangzhou East Railway Station, then take a train to Hung Hom from Guangzhou East Railway Station. so you will arrive at HK about 10:12 AM, the first train is at 08:19 ,arrive at 10:12  Traom Schedule ,  

      Another way, if you stay at Airport until 6 am , then take a metro Line 3 or taxi to Guangzhou East Railway station,  so you can buy a tarin ticket from Guangzhou to Luohu, it is about 70 minutes, so when you arrive at Luohu ,if you want to catch the first train , you’d better take a taxi . the first train to Luohu at 6:16 AM, arrive at Luohu will be 7:30 ,after check at immigration, not need to wait a long time at immigration, after check,you can take metro at Luohu to your hotel .

      just like here GZ east railway station to Luohu then to HK ! 


      if take a taxi from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Huanggang Port Immigration ( open 24 hours ,)then take a taxi to your hotel at Huanggang Port, I think it will cost a lot.  from GZ airport to Huanggang Port would be about 700-800 Yuan. not sure from HuangGang Port Immigration to your hotel  in Hk .

      So maybe you stay  6 hours at airport or maybe book a hotel in city center ,then a next day go to HK early .  Yes, just be careful when you take a taxi at the  midnight at airport. most of time, from GZ airport to city center  is about 130 Yuan , but at night maybe would be around 150-160 Yuan . remember keep the recepit of  taxi ,  please read here, taxi from gz airport to city



  3. Hi,


    I probably reach GZ airport at 6am, and want to go to HK (Tsim Sha Tsui). May I know is the MTR operates 24hours? If not what time does it start to operate? Secondly, between train and bus to HK, which one is cheaper?



    • Hi there,

      when you arrive gz airport at 6 AM, so you can take a metro to the city  center, at city center , you can take a bus  or train from Guangzhou to Hong Kon g. yes, Bus is cheapper then by train .

      Travel between Guangzhou and Hong Konw 

      you can take metro from airpor to China Hotel which at Yuexiu Park Metro Station .

      Guangzhou Airport (Line 3,) >> Get off at Jiahewang Jiang Metro Station and transfer Line 2 >>> Get off at Yuexie Park Metro Station , so you can go to the China Hotel .


      • My plan is GZ-HK-Macau-GZ. How do I get to GZ from Macau? I read on internet and some of them said that we can take ferry, but it will drop in GZ Nansha and definitely far from the GZ city. Do you know where I can get bus/train in Macau to centre of GZ?

        • Hi there, 

          you can take a High Speed Train from Zhuhai Gongbei Railway Station to Guangzhou South Railway Station ,about 1 hour, Gongbei Port and Zhuhai Railway Station are close to each other. after you arrive at Guangzhou South Railway Station ,you can take metro to the city center, about 30-40 minutes.

          another way,by bus, you can take a bus at Zhuhai Gongbei Port to Guangzhou City Center, there are many buses  from Zhuhai Gongbei Port to GZ. the bus will arrive at the Guangzhou’s hotel,  like China Hotel,  Hotel Landmark Canton Hotel, so make sure you know the place you want to before by bus .

          oh,yes, GZ-HK-Macau-GZ. MAKE SURE you have DOUBLE entries of China Visa.


    • the metro star at 6 am –11:PM at Airport

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