Reliable taxis at Guangzhou Airport

By Taxi is the most popular way for foreigners to get around, and it is very affordable. The starting charge is ¥10 for the first 2.6 kilometers, and after that ¥2.6 for each kilometer. No fuel surcharge is added, but a 50% surcharge is automatically added when the trip reaches 35 kilometers. A few also accepts Yang Cheng Tong as payment, but it is not preferred by the drivers. The taxi hotline is 96900. This comes in handy if you forget your valuables in a taxi. Save your receipt because it contains the taxi's identification number.

Most of time the taxi fare from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to city is about 120-150 Yuan. It is depends on where you want to go from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport; for example, taxi from Guangzhou Airport to the Garden Hotel the price would be about 120 Yuan.

Most people find taxi drivers in Guangzhou to be honest. However, during the Canton Fair near the Pazhou Complex, it is common to see drivers violate rules, such as refusal of service and pre-negotiating a price rather than using the meter. It is also difficult to find a taxi available elsewhere in the city.

Do not accept solicitations for rides to the city. Sometimes, people will stand at the arrival area and ask if you need a taxi. These are illegally operated and use unmarked vehicles, or charge you a fee, offer you a phony receipt, and then arrange another taxi that will still charge you. They usually cost a lot more than licensed taxis since many travelers do not know the cost of airport transportation.

Once you're out in the arrival hall, you can simply look for the signage "Taxi". You'll need to walk out the A5 Gate of the arrival hall, and you should see a long queue of taxis outside.

How to take a taxi from Guangzhou Airport to the city:

1. Don't follow anyone offering you a taxi. A legitimate Chinese taxi driver will wait in his car in line and not walk into the arrival hall.

2. Make sure the driver uses the meter and it starts somewhere between 10 or 14 RMB. Sometimes it takes some moments until the meter starts after the driver turns it on.

3. Make sure you can see the display of the meter and it's not blocked by something.

4. Most taxi drivers do not speak English or any other foreign languages, so have the name and address of your destination written in Chinese to show the driver. Many are from the northern provinces and do not even speak Cantonese. If your destination is not well known, have a nearby landmark included in the address, e.g. "across from the Garden Hotel."

5. Get the invoice (Chinese "fa piao") which every taxi driver MUST give you. Just in case you leave something in the taxi

6. If you are very conscious: Note down the license plate number before you get in

Bon voyage!

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  1. Hi,

    i will reach at 2am.

    will there be additional charges for the taxi, and if it is easy to get one during that hour?

    also, how much would it estimated to be to go Baiyun Hotel?

    • Hello there, maybe will additional charges during that time , but make sure take a taxi in the outside gate, not belive the people watting at arrival area. they will ask you “taxi “taxi “… ,

      I know during day time from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Baiyun Hotel is about 130 Yuan .

      if you susepect there are some problem (over price a lot) , remeber his license plate and ask receipt  , so you can complain him

    • W will reach Guangzhou on 30/6 at 2.00 am, flight no AK  1394, how much will cost fur the texi fare to Holidayy Inn at jingu north road, TQ

      • Your hotel Holiday Inn Guangzhou Airport Zone is close to the Airport, no more than 100 Yuan ,but just be careful ,because it is very late for you , 2 AM, you need to take a picture of the car’s Plate Number,In case the taxi driver will ask high fare from  you , 

  2. Mir Nijamul Islam

    I need a taxi. I will 02:20 am on 05 april.

  3. Hi ,

    I would like to find out the taxi rate from Baiyun airport to Lavenda Guangzhou Changlong, Nanda Road, Panyu ?

    Thank you

    • Hello there,

      it may about 130-150 Yuan ,

      if you want to save money , then take metro Line 3 at Guangzhou Baiyun Airiport, then get off at Dashi Metro Station, you can google it , it is close to Nanda Road, I am not sure which hotel you will staino at Nanda Road,depend on your location at Nanda Road,

      from Dashi Metro Station (Exit B ,is better,) taxi to Nada Road’s hotel is may 15-20 Yuan .

  4. I need to take a taxi from the aiport to I need to take a taxi from the aiport at 12am to Jianguo Hotel Guangzhou at 172 Linhe Road Central, Tianhe Guangzhou.  Any idea what this may cost?

  5. Hi, I have a group of 11 persons from airport  to Tienhe Fraser Suites and how to get big vehiche? Any idea the cost. Thank you

    • First Taxi , about 120-130 Yuan from airport to the hotel .

      Second Metro , get of at Line 3 at Shipai Qiao Metro Station  ,the hotel is close to the hotel , the cheappest way from airport to city center



  6. I will be arriving in Baiyun Internationaal Airport on 20 Oct at about 1:15pm.  I need a taxi to Foshan, roughly how much do I need to pay the taxi driver?  Thanks 

    • Hello there

      Taxi from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Foshan is about 200-250 Yuan (depend on your location,differnet location different price) , but you can choose bus from GZ airport to foshan also ,or maybe you can shoose metro from AZ airport to Foshan also  


  7. Hi I want a taxi from airport to crown plaza city center hotel how much will it charge I will be reaching on 23 oct around 1am 

    • Hello there

      Taxi from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to  crown plaza city center hotel about 130-140 Yuan (Day time, maybe a bit more during midnight) .  make sure aaks the recipt from taxi driver and remember his plate number (take a pic) when you take taxi during midnight

  8. Does anyone know if there's a limit on the number of passengers allowed on a taxi in Guangzhou? There'll be 6 of us travelling (all adults) and I'm wondering whether or not big taxis are available there. 

  9. Hi. I'll be arriving Guangzhou at 9pm . I need to get to the vienna hotel at north baiyun avenue. How much should i expect the fare to be?

  10. Arrived at 2 am and took a taxi from the official stand as you advised. All was fine, driver switched the meter on and after 40 minutes we reached the hotel. Driver helped me with luggage and when I was back to his car to pay he switched off the meter and showed on calculator the amount 150 CNY. I knew what was on the meter before ride was over so I asked for invoice and he very quickly switched the meter on and printed the invoice where cost was 97 Yuans. He gave me also receipt from the motorway for 15 Yuans. I paid him total of both receipts leaving few Yuans more. I’m not sure if I was supposed to pay for motorway but anyway it was cheaper than ammount he requested initially. Of course driver didn’t speak any English.

    • Thank You writting here back ,
      Yes, you need to pay fee of motorway , or it may take more time to travel to your hotel ,
      it is always wise to asked for invoice before get off, you can complain from the invoice .

  11. Hi Victor

    is there tazxi to Shilongzhen from Bauyung Airport and what is the taxi fare like? thank you.


    • hello there
      Shilongzhen is a town of Dongduan , so maybe you’d better take a train from Guangzhou East Railway Station to Shilongzhen is better (Dongguan Station,you need to tell to the ticket sller that you need to travel to Shilongzhen he will tell you which station get off ) , it is quiet far from GZ airport if you take a taxi from airport.
      Metro Line 3 get off at Guangzhou East Railway Station , about 7 Yuan , about 30 minutes, Taxi would be about 90-100 Yuan , Depend on your luggage.

  12. i will arival at 8.00 pm baiyun airpot. how much taxi fare ti Taisheng Hotel , Taikang Road. Tq

  13. i need a taxi from Guangzhou baiyun airport to Asia International Hotel.on 15-12-2017 and we are 3 adults .
    how much will coast me .


  14. Hi there, i will be arriving at baiyun at 11pm. What is the cost from baiyun airport to san mao hotel huanshi district ? thank you

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