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  1. Guangzhou Bai-yun Airport was a new modern building, but I suspect unfinished, -you exit the plane into the standard tunnel, -which (despite the tunnel being built to enter the airport corridors) leads (instead of to the corridor), to a staircase back outside, and you have to walk across the tarmac to a crowded (mostly standing) well air-conditioned bus.

    Lounge areas were reasonably comfy, -and there were plenty of phone/laptop charging spots with amazing sockets that could accept all sorts of plugs.

    Wifi was a bit tricky to use, but free (and of course no access to facebook, you-tube, yahoo etc as it was China)

    All the smoking rooms (heaps of them) were downstairs, and I guess they had no doors, so upstairs also smelt of smoke, especially near staircases.

    Toilets were modern, fairly clean, but smelly, and no hand soap.

  2. Travel from Guangzhou airport  CAN) to Hong Kong with out enter Chaina

    I had single visa for  Chaina and I want to visit Hong Kong and complete my stay in Guangzhou,

    How  I can go dirictly from  Guangzhou airport  to Hong Kong,

    Can H stay in the air port(CAN) for Transit for mor ethan 8 Hours ,Thanks

    • Hi there

      there not directly transport from gz airport to Hk, you have to take a taxi or metro (Line 3)  to the Guangzhou East Railway Station , then take a train from Guangzhou East Railway Station to Hong Kong

      or you can take a metro or taxi to China Hotel , take a bus from China hotel to Hong Kong.

      once you go to enter HK, you can not go back GZ ,because you get single visa of China.

  3. does anyone know if there is a place for the children to play while we wait to transit?

  4. on Monday, November 14,  after I passes the security check point ,  on the way to the boarding gate to CSA CZ 0327.  I discovered that I lost a small blue bag approx.12" x 8"  .  Pls let me know the direct contact number of Loss & FOUND DEPT.   Inside the small blue bag are my valuable pictures. 

    Appreciate any help from any sources.

  5. What is the email address & direct phone number of LOSS & FOUND DEPT?


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